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By Kayla Cote 29 Aug, 2017
Project Fargo Fashion Week is an event preluding the main event, Fargo Fashion Week, and is geared towards showcasing up and coming talented fashion designers in the area. And let me tell you, the evening was packed with so much talent!  There was everything from hand made textiles, to fresh takes on vintage inspiration and everything in between. 

The team behind Project Fargo Fashion Week is a group of fierce women making things happen in the Fashion scene of Fargo, ND. It's brought together a team of creatives, engagers and organizers to create something like no other has seen before. They were able to transform a vacant industrial building in downtown into the show-stopping venue to house the PFFW runway show. 

By Kayla Cote 25 Aug, 2017
Nicole is a local stylist who creates the looks for any of the Fargo Fashion Week side projects. She will also be leading the team with her styling skills at the upcoming Fargo Fashion Week this September 5th - 8th. 

Of course, we wanted to hear more about this sassy stylish gal! So we interviewed her to get a behind-the-scenes story of what she does, how she came to do it, and her roll in Fargo Fashion Week. 

You Can find Nicole on Social Media at Nicole Nowacki Styling | Insta  @nicole_nowacki | Facebook at NW Fashion Mogul
By Kayla Cote 18 Aug, 2017
Mrs. Rachel Stone was born and raised in Chicago, IL. and was raised in the church. She is the proud mother of three wonderful sons; Immanuel, Samuel, & Gabriel Stone. Her family moved to Fargo ND in 2002. In 2006, she made history when she became the 1st African American woman to be crowned Mrs. North Dakota International. She has traveled from state to state sharing her story and message of living life with purpose. It was then that her purpose became
very clear, and she was determined to fulfill the vow that she had made. While speaking and working with young girls, she felt it was like looking into a mirror, because she had so many similar challenges and obstacles. This made her remembered her vow of being a big sister and helping her break cycles. So, she took the job of lunch lady for Fargo Public Schools. Not to soon after that, the principal offered her a job as a paraprofessional.

She began noticing many unmet needs and challenges in the schools. So she became the middle woman and created her own girls empowerment program called “P's & Q's Etiquette”, where she focuses on teaching girls and now boys leadership skills. The mission of P’s & Q’s Etiquette is to greatly impact the lives of our young girls and women from all walks of life, with a big focus on disadvantaged youth. We want to empower and give them the necessary social and life skills needed to reach their greatest potential, manage daily activities, and face new situations, all with greater self confidence.
By Kayla Cote 11 Aug, 2017
I was watching Project Runway (one of my favorite shows). I have always loved fashion and thought "I would love to go to NY Fashion Week" so I looked into attending, and got to thinking, "how come Fargo doesn't have a Fashion Week? It is the biggest city in North Dakota, we should have one." So I started looking into it and saw we (Fargo) had nothing like that. It (FFW) started out small, and then I kept on meeting more and more new people and building the team and all of a sudden FFW grew into a huge community focused and inspired event.
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